A peep from VoiceOver, a built-in accessibility feature for Apple devices

VoiceOver is a “natural-sounding” screen reader built into many Apple products that also provides Braille support.

Here is a tutorial for accessing and using VoiceOver on Apple computers.

And here is a guide for accessing VoiceOver on iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch.

Why do calculators for phones, tablets and laptop and desktop computers still resemble plastic calculators popularized in the 1970s?

I haven’t tried it myself, the Tydlig app. But, according to Tydligapp.com:

Tydlig is a revolutionary new kind of calculator for iPad and iPhone that sheds the legacy limitations of old devices, for a truly modern experience.

Why do most iOS calculators look like someone taped an old plastic calculator to the screen? How come calculator apps still have buttons like MC/MR/M+/M- when there is enough room on modern devices to store all numbers you could ever think of?

Tydlig starts with a clean sheet, then by only adding interface components that truly makes sense on iPhone and iPad it lets you focus on what really matters: your calculations.

Tydlig - the calculator reimagined for iPhones and iPads.

Tydlig – the calculator reimagined for iPhones and iPads.

CNET News video on smartwatches from Samsung, Qualcomm, Sony and more

This CNET News video is a touch more than a month old as I post, but it still may interest you. There are a few words also on the Apple iWatch which may be introduced in 2014 as an accessory to the iPhone, plus efforts from Microsoft, Google, Dell and more.

Pong Research: cases to cut your exposure to radiation from cell phones and tablets.

From the Pong Research site:

Tested in FCC-certified laboratories, Pong is the only mobile device case proven to reduce your exposure to radiation while still protecting your signal strength.

Pong makes cases for Android phones and for iPhones and iPads.