A site to admire: Arun Pattnaik’s portfolio

Arun Pattnaik is a User Experience & User Interface Designer based in Mumbai, India. His portfolio is rich in gorgeous colors, beautiful type, scrolling effects and some playful interactivity.

Arun Pattnaik's portfolio.

Arun Pattnaik’s portfolio.

Smartwatches and location-based messages, voice search, Google Glass and more.

Rachel Pasqua offers many insights on smartwatches from how they may drive demand for location-based messaging and voice search to how they are more likely to be quickly adopted than Google Glass.

An Apple smartwatch

An Apple smartwatch.

Reducing non-data ink to improve graphical display

In April, I posted on “The Elements of Style” applied to analytic design. Darkhorse Analytics of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has this presentation demonstrating the reduction of non-data elements to improve the data-ink ratio of a bar chart. I combined the original and the final images to create a before-and-after image below:

The original bar chart, left, and the re-designed bar chart, right.

The original bar chart, left, and the re-designed bar chart, right.

Re-designing reduced the image size to less than 10% of the original, a huge reduction which indicates the potential for expediting image loading.

As of August 2013, 47% of emails are opened in mobile devices, says Litmus

According to this article from Litmus:

Mobile opens hit a plateau from May through July, but August saw a 3% leap and mobile opens now represent 47% of market share—a new record high, and nearly a 24% change since a year ago. In response, desktop and webmail clients have dipped slightly; with desktop opens at 32% and webmail at 21%.