Is crowdsourcing the answer to Trivia Crack’s quest for continued success?

Trivia Crack  - App store best of 2014

Trivia Crack – App store best of 2014

The linked article was published on 27 November 2014 and while more than one year has elapsed to the time of my posting this link, the article still strikes me as a good summary of how Trivia Crack rose to such prominence since its release in October 2013:

How Latin American mobile game Trivia Crack conquered the US market

Here’s an excerpt:

This collaborative aspect isn’t new either: Trivia Crack relies on a “question factory” where users can share and rate submissions. “We receive 200,000 questions a day. Lots get discarded, but the best ones stay, and that’s how we manage to have content related to each country and to recent events[.]”