An excerpt from a question and answer session with Jon Wiley, Principal Designer of Google Search.

Reddit presents this online conversation with Jon Wiley, Principal Designer of Google Search. This is just one catchy extract, but good design can save a human life.


Hi, Jon. Thanks for the AMA [Ask Me Anything] and for your work on the Google Maps app! I use it all the time. Any chance you guys can make the app save my “Avoid tolls” preference like the old version did? I recently moved right next to a toll road and honestly avoid using voice recognition because it always tries to use the toll route. Thank you again :)


I use this feature, too. We’re looking for ways to try to make this work the right way. Like many design problems, this one has edge cases which are important to get right. Imagine that you checked the “Avoid tolls” preference and Maps saved the preference. Later, you tap on the mic and say “Navigate to the hospital!” and Maps takes you the long way. Probably not what you wanted. We need to think through all of the cases and make sure we ship the right design. Wash, rinse… no longer repeating.

What an idea for an internet-mediated service: for $26.99 each month, Washboard would send its customers $20.00 in quarters. Such a trade could have considerable appeal for those needing quarters for parking meters or quarter-operated clothes washers and dryers yet who are discomforted by changing money at a bank, for example. Sadly, as one of the co-founders tells, Washboard is washed up.