“The New York Times” uses aggregated Facebook data to map baseball fanaticism at zip-code resolution

"The New York Times" map of baseball fanaticism at zip-code resolution.

“The New York Times” map of baseball fanaticism at zip-code resolution.

You may have heard of Connecticut’s Munson-Nixon line separating the majority of Yankees fans to the southwest from the majority of Red Sox fans to the northeast, but have you heard of baseball’s Reagan-Nixon line? According to Up Close on Baseball’s Borders (“The New York Times,” 24 April 2014), Facebook provided aggregated data of fans’ team preferences which the “Times” used to create the map above. Many interesting studies and analytic and marketing services have risen from the information divulged on digital media. There’s Facebook Data Science, Google Trends, Google Flu Trends, this-scraping and that-scraping, and some are not very new. Maybe I’ll return to this shortly in another post.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley, which ustwogames just released on 3 April 2014 as an iOS app, looks almost nothing like the sandstone buttes of the southwestern United States of America. Instead, it draws its scenery from Japanese prints, minimalist 3D design, and the impossible architecture of M.C. Escher. Available for $3.99/£2.49 from the App Store on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or at www.AppStore.com/MonumentValley (iPad 2 / iPhone 4 minimum requirement). An Android version is forthcoming.