Google Analytics

For several months, I’ve been using Google Analytics to understand traffic to and around my web portfolio. (WordPress offers its own statistics for the site you are now viewing.) Below is a capture of a Google Analytics traffic report for that site:

A Google Analytics report for

A Google Analytics report for

So when Google notified me several weeks ago of its Digital Analytics Fundamentals course, I swiftly enrolled. After watching the videos, completing the exercises, and passing the quizzes and final assessment, Google rewarded me with the certificate below:

Google's Digital Analytics Fundamentals course certificate

I completed Google’s Digital Analytics Fundamentals course.

And with further effort, I gained the Google Analytics Individual Qualification, documented with yet another certificate from Google:

My Google Analytics Individual Qualification certificate.

My Google Analytics Individual Qualification certificate.

Google Analytics provides valuable tools not only to marketers (e.g., keyword cost data) but also to developers (e.g., browser and resolution data), User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) designers (e.g., bounce rate) and others.

A site to admire: Arun Pattnaik’s portfolio

Arun Pattnaik is a User Experience & User Interface Designer based in Mumbai, India. His portfolio is rich in gorgeous colors, beautiful type, scrolling effects and some playful interactivity.

Arun Pattnaik's portfolio.

Arun Pattnaik’s portfolio.

CNET News video on smartwatches from Samsung, Qualcomm, Sony and more

This CNET News video is a touch more than a month old as I post, but it still may interest you. There are a few words also on the Apple iWatch which may be introduced in 2014 as an accessory to the iPhone, plus efforts from Microsoft, Google, Dell and more.