An excellent navigation system on a responsive web site showcases the work of front-end web developer Joseph Twumasi. Front-end web developers, also known as front-side or client-side web developers, create the things that web users see, hear and otherwise interact with on a web site, rather than the server-side (or back-end) things such as an e-commerce database. I like the site’s color scheme and think it has a fantastic responsive navigation system.

Here are images of the header, including the navigation system, in a full-screen view on a laptop as well as the view of the site’s home on a mobile phone (a Palm Pre):

The navigation system of tucked neatly into the header in this wide screen view.

The navigation system stretches nicely along the header of

Mobile phone (Palm Pre)portrait  view of

The navigation system stacks vertically for narrow viewports while other elements of the header that appeared in wider viewports have been removed.

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